Making transformations Non-challenging

We understand, transformation can be challenging, and only a continuous delivery of value-based, quality software can ensure higher customer satisfaction. So we support, coach, advise and train businesses, fueling them for better results.


Continuous Transformation and Innovation to achieve greater agility and fully harness the power of modern engineering techniques.

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What to expect from an Agile consultation?

Delighted clients, Innovative solutions, Engaged employees, and Faster time to market. Agile teaches organizations to build the right software at the right time and the positive outcomes are:

- Improved teamwork
- Better communication
- Better team productivity
- Reduced technical debt
- Reduced risk and defects
- Reduced development costs

What is an Agile transformation?

Effective facilitation has a great influence on individuals and the teams that they are part of. It changes the way people think and behave, and ultimately supports them to positively change the world around them. 

So we at DeKnowledge, work with your teams to construct and refine their facilitation toolkits, assist your teams to use rapid and consensual planning to groom upcoming work, bring more rigour and structure to your Agile meetings. We adopt facilitation techniques to ensure your teams work together effectively and progress towards the right direction.

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